Quality assurance services

Quality Assurance Services

Robust quality assurance, including up-to-date plans, procedures and suitably trained colleagues are essential to meet many of today’s modern regulatory standards and prevent errors by maintaining good governance.  ATi can help provide support with the full range of Quality Assurance services, including:

  • quality assurance of internal marking and assessment
  • support to your organisations qualification Centre or as part of a specific programme of learning
  • design of processes and procedures to help with maintaining and enhancing standards of quality
  • training and mentoring of internal quality assurance staff, including the provision of formal Level 4 qualifications

As with our Assessment Services, ATi can support on an assignment basis where extra resources are needed or as part of a longer term strategic partnership as an independent third party.

In addtion, ATi has associates who specalise in evaluation work and can support your organisation in designing, implementing and anaylsing activities so decision makers can gain a more detailed picture of what is working well, where extra value can be added and how investment is being returned.

New or not yet approved Qualification Centre?

If your organisation is not currently approved by an Awarding Organisation and needs accredited assessed qualifications, we can help!  We also offer support to new and existing qualification centres who need extra assessment resources in addition to guidance and support with quality standards and governance.

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