ATi Policy & Procedures

ATi Policy and Procedure

As a company we have a growing number of policies and procedures.  Below are links to several of the more commonly requested documents that we think are especially useful and important for candidates and participants to know about.  If you are already studying with us, extracts of these are to be in your programme participant guide.

If you are seeking to read one of our policies that is not listed below, or have a general question about our policy or procedure, including how to use them, please contact the Centre Manager for help, or speak with your assessor/adviser.

3. ATi Data and Confidentiality Policy

3A. ATi General Privacy Policy

5. ATi Reasonable adjustments and special considerations policy

6. ATi Health Safety and Environmental policy

8. ATi Language policy

15. ATi Plagiarism and cheating policy

16. ATi Complaints & Appeals Policy

18. ATi Malpractice & Maladministration Policy

OneFile Induction Guidance V2.1F

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