Assessment services

Supporting organisations by undertaking assessment

ATi can help support your organisation with assessed components of existing in house training or with the full provision of external qualifications.   Most of ATi’s senior associates are experienced assessors having worked across various sectors and can support on an ad-hoc on planned basis as required, depending on your resourcing requirements.

Partnering with organisations to help ease the assessment burden is becoming one of our popular services, especially with Assessment and ILM Leadership and Management qualifications where we are often commended for our flexible approaches depending on individual and organisational  needs.   Our partnership is highly flexible and we are able to support organisations on specific assignments or learning cohorts or on a longer term basis with entire qualification frameworks.

Qualification Centres

ATi are qualification centres for several UK Awarding organisations and we have partnered with the e-portfolio service OneFile for secure  e-portfolio management and assessment planning.   If your organisation is not currently approved by an Awarding Organisation and needs accredited assessed qualifications, we can help!  We also offer support to new and existing qualification centres who need extra assessment resources in addition to guidance and support with quality standards and governance.

Assessment services in other organisation areas

In addition to qualification assessment, and as part of our consultancy services, ATi can show you how to make the best use of assessment within your organisation including performance management, appraisal, development, recruitment and selection, project team monitoring, or redeployment selection.

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